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Welcome to Student Services  
Student Services is a department of Hanover School Division, the largest rural school division in Manitoba.  It is located in the South-Eastern part of the province, with board offices in Steinbach. The communities of Steinbach, Blumenort, Landmark, Niverville, New Bothwell, Kleefeld, Grunthal and Mitchell, as well as the Municipality of Hanover, are served by Hanover School Division.

Our Mission Statement:

The Division supports the provincial definition of inclusion:

"Inclusion is a way of thinking and acting that allows every individual to feel accepted, valued and safe.  An inclusive community consciously evolves to meet the changing needs of its members.  Through recognition and support, an inclusive community provides meaningful involvement and equal access to the benefits of citizenship.  In Manitoba, we embrace inclusion as a means of enhancing the well-being of every member of the community.  By working together, we strengthen our capacity to provide the foundation for a richer future for all of us."
(ME, 2006).

Our Vision:

The vision and beliefs of Student Services supports this definition and demonstrates our commitment to assisting schools as they provide an environment within which all students can develop educationally and flourish personally and socially.  We are committed to maximizing the potential of students and empowering them to become valued, contributing participants in the classroom, school and community, and as citizens within our society.

Student Services Staff and schools are committed to:

  • Providing inclusive learning environments as defined by appropriate education legislation.
  • Providing equitable access to appropriate educational programming through a continuum of supports and services.
  • Developing meaningful and collaborative partnerships with students, educators, families and communities.

Our Beliefs:

  • All students can learn, and all students want to learn.
  • Learners need to feel accepted, valued and safe in order to take the risks necessary for growth.
  • Some learners come to school with exceptional academic, physical and social/emotional needs that must be addressed.
  • Growth occurs when the learning environment respects the capabilities of all learners and provides the challenge and expectations to foster individual development.
  • Belonging is a key component of inclusion and is fostered through the development of a sense of community, via the promotion of positive social interactions and meaningful interpersonal relationships.
  • Equity recognizes the fact that students will require different supports, services and programming if they are truly to have access to opportunities that will foster their success.  Moreover, access to the curriculum means that programming may take place in a variety of settings within the school or community.

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